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Inadequate Equilibria

Where and How Civilizations Get Stuck


Chapter 1.  Inadequacy and Modesty
There are two approaches to thinking about outperformance that yield extraordinarily different results: modesty, and inadequacy analysis.

Chapter 2.  An Equilibrium of No Free Energy
How, in principle, can society end up neglecting obvious low-hanging fruit?

Chapter 3.  Moloch’s Toolbox
Why does our civilization actually end up neglecting low-hanging fruit?

Chapter 4.  Living in an Inadequate World
How can we take into account civilization’s brokenness in our decision-making, without overcorrecting?

Chapter 5.  Blind Empiricism
Three anecdotes on the practical side of modesty.

Chapter 6.  Against Modest Epistemology
An argument against modesty’s central idea: that we should be very hesitant to take our own reasoning at face value in the face of novelty or disagreement.

Chapter 7.  Status Regulation and Anxious Underconfidence
Whence modesty?